From ecommerce to brick-and-mortar faster

Give your customers the opportunity to find your retail locations or dealers instantly. A location's information is automatically populated from a Facebook Place or Business Page. Say goodbye to manual entry, time-consuming updates, and outdated information in your results.


Automatically sync data from Facebook

Companies tend to keep their Facebook pages up to date with the most current store information for their customers. Places syncs that data so you don’t have to manually update your map when someone changes their store hours or location.

Current Location

Add a brand’s entire list of locations

If you’re a wholesaler with multi-store dealers, Places lets you search for a brand on Facebook and add all their locations to your map in a single click.

Google Maps Support

Customizable Design

Places will automatically inherit your brand's colors & typography. You can also provide a custom map marker in the settings. For further customization, just provide your own custom CSS.

For Customers

Delivered at warp speed

Places was built from the ground up with performance in mind. We understand how critical load times are for a customer so we’ve employed some of the latest technology to make loading your locations and map super fast. We believe it’s the fastest store locator on the Shopify App Store, and your customers will too.

Google Maps Support

Current Location

In today’s mobile world your customers will likely be on the move, they might even be in an area they’re not familiar with. Places has a built in feature that allows your customers to “Use my current location”. This will use their device’s GPS or WiFi to locate them, then search for your nearest locations to them.

Google Maps Support

The Power of Google Maps

Places is integrated with Google Maps and that lets your customers experience an interactive location map. Easily switch between Map and Satellite views. Get Directions (Driving, Transit, Walking, Cycling or Flights).


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  • Single Social Feed
  • Single Custom Form
  • Up to 100 Daily Form Submissions
  • Single Location Map
  • Includes StoreSync™
  • Includes Wishlist
  • Syncs Dails
  • 2 User Accounts


  • 15 Social Feeds
  • 15 Custom Forms
  • Unlimited Daily Form Submissions
  • 5,000 Locations
  • Includes StoreSync™
  • Includes Wishlists
  • Syncs Every 15 minutes
  • 15 User Accounts
  • + More

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