Gauge customer demand in real-time

Convenience for your customers

Whether they use it as a gift list, a way to compare products, or as the digital version of taking an item off the shelf before deciding for sure to purchase, customers love using wishlists. Lists gives your customers the convenience of a one-click wishlist.

Engage with potential customers

A wishlist gives you as a merchant an opportunity to engage with a potential customer. They’ve already indicated they like your product by adding it to a wishlist, and to save to a wishlist they created an account and gave you their email address. That means you can reach out to them with an offer or discount specific to the product they’ve already expressed interest in.

Customers as brand ambassadors

When a customer sends a loved one their wishlist, they’re not just telling them what they want as a gift. They’re potentially creating a new customer for your store. Even if they don’t make the purchase, they’re now aware of your brand and the products you offer. And people trust the recommendations of their friends and family over any marketing.


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  • Single Social Feed
  • Single Custom Form
  • Up to 100 Daily Form Submissions
  • Single Location Map
  • Includes StoreSync™
  • Includes Wishlist
  • Syncs Dails
  • 2 User Accounts


  • 15 Social Feeds
  • 15 Custom Forms
  • Unlimited Daily Form Submissions
  • 5,000 Locations
  • Includes StoreSync™
  • Includes Wishlists
  • Syncs Every 15 minutes
  • 15 User Accounts
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