Social media’s impact on commerce and how Rebase can help

Social media has forever changed the commerce landscape. Here are just a few statistics, in case you’re not convinced your brand should be using it.

  • 28% of adult internet users use Instagram, and 72% use Facebook (Source: HubSpot)
  • 59% of Instagram users are on the platform daily, including 35% who visit several times a day. (Source: HubSpot)
  • 90% of Instagram users are under the age of 35 (Source: ScienceDaily)
  • Visual content is more than 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than other types of content (Source: Hubspot)

Top brands on Instagram are seeing a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21% which is 58 times higher than on Facebook and 120 times higher than on Twitter (Source: Hootsuite)

Those are just a sampling of the mountains of data out there about social media usage making it clear brands need to be utilizing social media marketing. But how should you do it? We knew we wanted Rebase to help at least connect the dots between your social media and your Shopify store in a way that would let social media posts drive traffic and ultimately sales.

Our first goal with Social was to give brands the ability to curate their own account content in one place on Shopify. Social gives you a single dashboard you can connect your Instagram and Twitter accounts to and approve or disapprove posts for your Shopify store. That way brands could, for example, not show an Instagram post about an in store sale they don’t necessarily want featured on their Shopify store.

The second goal was to allow brands to curate content based on a campaign hashtag from other Instagram and Twitter users to feature on their Shopify store. The obvious benefit here is a brand gets to curate content instead of always having to create it themselves. It also makes social media social. Studies show people trust their friends more than any other source for product recommendations and reviews, so the best thing a brand can do is get their customers telling their friends about their products.

The third goal was to let images specifically featuring products for sale on the Shopify store to be linked to those products so the image could be featured on the product page. While Twitter and Facebook let you embed URL links to products on your site, Instagram doesn’t, so we wanted to find the quickest way to get an Instagram user who likes what they see in your brand’s post to the product’s page so they can purchase it. For the most part, brands were having to constantly change a URL in their Instagram profile to match their most recent post. Of course, that didn’t help if they posted often or if an Instagram scrolled back through a brand’s post history. The idea with Rebase Social is to create various social media pages on your Shopify store and then use that one URL in your Instagram profile. When a customer clicks the link because they saw something they liked, they’re greeted with a grid of your Instagram posts. But now, if they click an image it shows them a list of any products in the image. They can click the products and add them to their cart. If they love the product, maybe they’ll post about it on their own Instagram account using your brand’s hashtag. You’ll tag the products, like, and share the post and now you’re marketing to their friends.

With Social you can create multiple feeds made up of various users or hashtags and embed them anywhere on your Shopify store. We think it’s a great way to use social media to drive sales.

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